Session held on 4th of March 2021

About this session

The cut in revenues most businesses are experiencing at the current time is asking Procurement new questions for urgent cost saving ideas.

Yet smaller procurement teams, especially, have not always had the time nor tools for detailed INDIRECT spend analysis – they were too busy on DIRECT categories or operational needs.

With procurement people mostly working at home and the operational supply lines increasingly under some form of control, the time and focus returns to cost.

This session will help you understand the essentials of sound INDIRECT spend analysis, illustrate some state-of-the-art examples and offer the chance to discuss approaches with peers.

Importantly it will help you forge answers to key questions that can accelerate your quest for hidden cost savings:

1. How to get to your true indirect spend and then how to best manage it?

2. How to segment your supply base around your unique needs?

3. How to identify opportunities, capture actionable insights and then categorise your data?

Your Facilitator

Ben Shute FCIPS is the managing director of PURCHASING INDEX, a specialist spend analysis consultancy in Melbourne. He is also the CEO at Comprara, a leading Australian procurement solutions provider who deliver services, tools, training and technologies to organisations – also headquartered in Melbourne.