Round-table held on 11th May 2020


Slide 7 of the presentation PDF available to download from this page is particularly useful

Agile Notes: Natascha Schaller from Cochlear has again done a fabulous one-page set of agile notes on key takeaways from the session. Download here (PDF)

About the Round-table

The exponential spread of COVID-19 has highlighted the vitality of supply chains in ways we haven’t seen since World War II.   Even the most  robust business continuity plans are being stretched to the limit and supply ecosystems are having to quickly react and adapt to changing demands.

One particular challenge is maintaining continuity of supply across multiple layers or tiers of your supply chain:

For example, the flour mill might still be operating but unless they get consumer packaging they will not be able to get flour, or ultimately bread, to the supermarkets.

Moreover, unless the packaging supplier can get raw materials they can’t produce the packaging.

As strategic procurement professionals we need to take a more holistic approach to the supply ecosystem to ensure a greater certainty of continuity of supply.

How can we work to more rigorously understand the key aspects  of our inbound supply chains?

Including key questions on :

  • Supplier financial security throughout the chain
  • Geopolitical analysis and threats by region
  • Cybersecurity analysis for online security
  • Supplier capability assessment
  • Human resource policies and practices
  • Approach to use of technology throughout

Join this discussion to help build your understanding of how to map the potential vulnerabilities within your inbound supply chain.

Your Facilitator

John Evans PhD is a management consultant for ‘Strategic Sourcing’ based in Auckland, New Zealand. He has over 25 years in procurement, supply chain, and commercial improvement roles across both the private and public sectors. His background includes working as a Director for EY and (previously) as the Global Supply Chain Optimisation Manager for Fonterra Brands.