This session took place 22nd March 2023.

The possibilities with the latest Business Intelligence tools are almost endless and the speed to value with these new desktop tools can surprise and delight you – especially MICROSOFT POWER BI which is free with most Microsoft Office licences.

Harness the power of effective data visualisation, understand the fundamentals and techniques required to build a Power BI Dashboard for RFP/RFQ process.

•             How an interactive picture is worth more than 1,000 words and provide insights.

•             What the components of good data visualisation look like?

•             How this can be used strategically to gain buy-in with stakeholders and be a tool for round two negotiations?

The course will follow an example of a logistics RFP, if you attend with an RFP in mind, we can offer more specific advice on your subject.

When registering please submit any issues or questions that you would like to explore during the session.

This session is led by an expert BI analyst.  A must for every spend analyst, both full-time and part-time.

Your expert facilitator:

Rory Clarke, Business Intelligence Lead for Pareto Toolbox.  Rory is a Power BI Expert responsible for producing many different dashboards.

For his Key Clients, he has:

  • Produced Spend Cubes and other spend analysis dashboards
  • Developed Category Dashboards for freight, travel, electricity, MFDs, etc
  • Conducted RFP response analysis and modelling including supplier mix optimisation and scenario modelling
  • Performed benefits tracking and reporting
  • Integrated SQL Server & Dynamics  to Power BI