PASA Connect CPO Round Table-Brisbane 14.02.18

At this first 2018 CPO Round table meeting introduction’s and company overview’s were outlined by new PASA Connect members.

This was followed by Nigel Wardropper-PASA, detailing new Round Table topic areas for the year ahead, as well as Virtual Round-tables being introduced for certain meetings.

He also mentioned the opportunity for CPO’s or 2ic’s to be Mentors for specific future sessions.

Members then conducted a discussion around Formal Procurement training that is currently available followed by Michael Harkin outlining and steering a conversation on Procurement as a Profession and the idea of developing a graduate programme.

Lastly members highlighted what their three biggest priorities for 2018 will be followed by Kylie from Endeavour offering to share a list of their social procurement opportunities on offer.


Hannah Bodilly-BOQ

Stephen Kehoe-Queensland Rail

Greg Smyth-University of Queensland

Michael Harkin-SEQ Water

Kylie Christie-Endeavour Foundation

Luke Fisher- JBS (Guest)

Ian Hay- Churches of Christ

Nigel Wardropper & Asta Kins- PASA