Session held on 24th May 2022

About this session

The Kraljic Matrix is the most important tool in the procurement toolbox – it put the strategic into sourcing back in 1983 and is still regarded as a seminal work.

Tune in to this short extract from JD’s “Strategic Procurement Leadership Programme” (SPLP) and learn all about how to segment spend by risk and deploy off-the-shelf strategies to each quadrant of the matrix.  

This Strategic Procurement Leadership Programme has developed a reputation as the most challenging course in this region on strategic procurement.

It is designed for formulative leaders and will be available through PASA only twice this year – both two-day courses will run LIVE in person on 14-15 July (Melbourne CBD) and 1-2 December (Sydney CBD).

Your expert presenter

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS is the CEO of PASA and an accomplished procurement consultant, practitioner and trainer. He is also the former founding CEO of CIPSA and has now run his successful and constantly updated Strategic Procurement Leadership Programme 46 times in 6 countries across the region.