Session held 23rd March 2022

About this session

The ‘logistics & freight’ category is one most buyers became familiar with during the pandemic – if not before.

The industry that was took for granted, always available, reliable, predictable, a decisive factor for Globalisation – no longer the case.

From where to start? Unprecedented difficult times – Post congestions, Supply has fallen further due to congestion & capacity management issues, demand outpacing supply with freight rates literally boomed, carrier schedule reliability record low, lead times in the current climate and what further impacts are to be considered?

Integral to business continuity, the “supply chain” category became a key issue for many organisations who had only previously managed it reactively.

Workforce shortages, then bottlenecks, then wild price spikes all forced tactical responses followed by more strategic questions.  Six-fold increases into container shipping rates to ANZ ruined margin at the same time as sustainable & ethical procurement policies refused to yield.

Join Coles lead for their supply chain services category. Natalie Lambrou MCIPS, will provide an Update on the Challenges and ins and outs of transport & logistics category for 2022 – key learning points from the pandemic and the new best practices for freight, transport, logistics and supply chain services.

Your expert presenter: 

Natalie Lambrou MCIPS – Coles