Session held on 23rd September 2021

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About this session

Moving to work on CAPEX projects is often a sign of progress for procurement practitioners – trusted with capital investments. Yet, Construction procurement is a specialised area with different procurement approaches, laws and contracts to navigate which require a different set up and management process from normal purchased goods. Its hard to deliver construction projects on time and within budget, even for the most experienced construction practitioners. It doesn’t have to be though with logic, and a sensible approach stepping through the construction procurement and contract management process should be easy:

1) Deciding what’s important to you – Time? Quality? Cost? Control? Flexibility?

2) Matching the procurement route to your needs.

3) Matching the Contract to the route.

4) Managing contracts and knowing the law – including standard building industry contracts like AS2124 and others 

5) Apportioning risk – The downfall of the industry.

The rules apply whether you are the client looking to single source a contractor, or looking to take on the contractor role and Subcontract. Touching on the different contracts available through the Australian Standards suite of contracts, the elements that make up the contract including how to manage them and what to look out for in the securities of payment acts around the Country. As a client, you have the opportunity to create a great working relationship and love your final product, or create a product and a situation you wish you hadn’t started!

Join this 90 minute masterclass with construction procurement expert Eddy Moss from CPB Construction which will cover enough material to get the rookie of the ground with construction procurement.  

Eddy will familiarise you with using contracts as a procurement, project management & contract administration tool, take you through the INs & OUTs plus the Dos & DONTs and answer your specific questions. 

Your expert facilitator :

Eddy Moss is a Commercial Manager at CPB in Perth, a major construction company  and has 15 years hands-on experience forging and managing small and medium sized construction contracts ranging up to $80m.