Session held on 17th February 2021

About this session

What is the “Boilerplate” part of a procurement contract? And why is it called a ‘Boilerplate’ exactly?

This is the first thing you learn on this free special two-hour seminar on contract law for buyers – particularly examining all the boring clauses at the back of a major agreement.

Why are these clauses in the agreement, what do they intend, how do they vary and how have they changed in recent times?

What is best practice? Are your templates up to date?

Bring every question you ever had on core contract clauses like:  confidentiality, warranties, liquidated damages, entire agreement, termination rights, mediation, defined terms,

plural/gender terminology, set-off, survival, force majeure, indemnities, applicable currency, waivers, variations, right of audit, independent contractor clause, notices, term and applicable law.

Your expert facilitator 

Scott Alden is a senior partner in a top Australian legal firm and has worked in and around procurment law for many years including in the fields of contract law pertaining to procurement, contract management, construction & infrastructure, transport and shipping & logistics.