Session held on 28th April 2022

About this session

The seven key steps to success

According to straw-polls at PASA Conferences, 100% of procurement teams are going through, have been through or intend to go through a transformation process.

Usually with technology at its core. Yet, so few procurement teams seem to implement IT solutions well. Are we all making similar mistakes perhaps?

It seems that there are seven key questions we have to answer rigorously in order to effect a good technology enabled procurement transformation using new system(s) …

1. What do we really want from a new solution, exactly, and how do we know we have this correct exactly?

2. Is our business case strong enough & correctly balanced; are we aiming for efficiency, compliance or to solve our business problem(s)?

3. Should we automate our current procurement process, with all its pros & cons, or should we take the chance to redesign it to a higher standard before automation?

4. Are we buying the right technical solution with the right mix of commercial off-the-shelf software [COTS] -v- developed or configured solutions?

5. How will it fit with other legacy systems we use or integrate with other purchases we plan?

6. Will our change management plan work and will the training programme be sufficient to fit our culture and drive the change we want?

7. How will our enhanced reporting capability help our business – what insights might we be able to action in future that we cannot today?

This session will be led by experts from Infosys-Portland, each deeply experienced addressing these questions and more for many clients over the years.

From a procurement perspective, a supply chain perspective and a business led perspective. Each participant will get the chance to share their experience (on Chatham House Rules) and so each learn from each other’s experiences and learnings and designed solutions – the essence of the PASA Connect programme.

Your expert presenter

Infosys-Portland have been a leading independent procurement and supply chain consultancy for almost 20 years and regularly compete with the big four & other independents

Their supply side technology practice is led in Australia by the renowned Vernon Kringas, for the last ten years  prior to which he worked for Oracle, Coca-cola and KPMG

Vernon crafted this session on behalf of PASA Connect and each session in each city will be led by the local regional manager for Infosys-Portland.