Session held on 21st September 2021

About this session

Cutting cost effectively has never been as simple as beating up suppliers. Modern procurement is much more nuanced and mature, working well beyond what is in control of the immediate procurement team and influencing the wider organisation in their buying behaviours.

Post-Covid, hard cost-cutting is back on the agenda, including for government as part of ‘fiscal repair’. In this session, Stefan will share lessons learnt on their COST-DOWN projects over the ‘lockdown’ months and how their clients effectively use “Grosvenor’s four spend levers” as a strategy to effectively reduce cost quickly:

How can these strategies apply directly to your organisation maybe?

1. BUY Cheaper

2. PAY Less

3. BUY Smarter

4. BUY Less

Join the session to learn more about how to enact them effectively.

Your expert facilitator:

Dr Stefan Gassner a Director of Grosvenor Performance Group’s procurement advisory team based in Sydney. He is a frequent facilitator for PASA Connect and often attracts some of the highest feedback ratings throughout the PASA network.