Session held on 31st March 2022

About this session

Project Contracting Strategy outlines how you plan
to source goods and services for a major project in your organisation. 
Including all major packages critical to the success of the project and provide
details on your proposed sourcing methodology (i.e. competitive tender, request
for quotation, single sourcing etc.).  Outline who will be involved in the
project and their responsibilities in a sourcing exercise.  It also
provides an important summary for your stakeholders and demonstrates that key
factors such as local content, health & safety, managing performance and
risks & mitigation (as applicable to your organisation) have been factored
into the strategy.

Importantly a robust strategy will flow to the
Project execution plan including the Projects organisation, scheduling,
estimation and other functions required to support the project.

This pivotal strategy provides the basis for any
project with clear scopes, risk management and commercial approach to the
market to contract management.

Your expert facilitator:

Jody Rowe is both the CEO of Promitheia Procurement
and also the principal of Rowe Advisory – a specialist procurement consultancy
firm. She divides her time between Adelaide and Brisbane but runs offices both
in Australia and the UK. 

Promitheia specialise in providing off-the-shelf
procurement templates pre-designed for a wide range of typical best practice
procurement processes – from small to large. Their online procurement processes
website allows you to immediately download, customise and store template
documents securely from as little as $100 each.