This session took place 8th August 2023.

The traditional RFP process has been there for decades with very light changes if any at all. Sometimes it works, and most of the time it delivers average results and sometimes it brings unforgettable experience.

In this live event, I’d like to share with you how can we change the status quo of the RFP process and:

1. Start to see more consistent successful outcomes

2. Award highly complex and risky projects with massive confidence

3. Increase fairness and transparency to an unmatched level

4. Streamline the tedious RFP process both for you and your vendors

5. Minimise projects risks to an unprecedented level

Join us in this live event to learn about the XBD Best-Value Procurement Approach, a concrete formula that has been tested and refined over two decades now, with more than 3,000 successful projects and billions of spend.

Your expert facilitator:

John is the director and CEO of Simplar Australia. John is the only certified person in Australia by the Simplar Institute (an ASU entity and creator of BVPM model) for the Best-Value Procurement Model and he was the first to bring this model to Australia. John has extensive experience in running advanced procurement for major and complex projects with high profile and recent within the Victorian Government using the Best Value Procurement Model.