Session held on 16 December 2020

Download list of 2020 round tables (PDF)

About this session

Coffee Club meeting will capture the telling lessons of 2020 – for the whole
group to learn from.  

In 30 minutes or
less, Jonathan Dutton will collate and present ‘The TOP TEN lessons for CPOs’
from 2020; across fires, floods and virus … 

Drawn largely from
PASA research & reading, professional engagements, the 90 or so Roundtables
he has chaired since March, plus the conferences and events run online this
year so far. 

Then in the spirit
of peer-to-peer learning, each CPO will be invited to share the ONE main thing
they have learned or will take-away from this year and might even do
differently in future – beginning in 2021. 

Join what should be
a seminal session to end the year with PASA.

expert facilitator

Jonathan Dutton
FCIPS has been developing and delivering the PASA Connect programme this last
year or so; 

He also has an
extensive consulting & training background in procurement, as well as being
the former founding CEO of CIPSA in this region for nine years until