“I got more value out of yesterday’s session than any of the training or conferences I have been to in the past”.      
Really enjoy the discussion we had on different topics, great synergy across the room
Would love to participate in another one in the near future”.
Procurement Category Manager – Marketing – for major entertainment & hospitality group


“Just a brief note say a huge thank you to Xxxxx for hosting todays forum and that it was great to meet with you all. I really enjoyed the discussion and look forward to crossing paths again soon.
Personally I found it really interesting that despite geography/scale we all face similar challenges.

If there’s anything I can do to help/assist please let me know?”

Indirect Procurement Manager from leading international manufacturing firm


The above are extracts from a couple of the emails that participants in the following round-table sent to each other in the days afterwards.



Digital Advertising – how do we tackle the Google and Facebook monopolies?

Venue: xxxxx
Time: 9.00 -11.30am
Date: xx Jan 2019


Google and Facebook are extremely powerful advertising platforms, allowing us to target effectively by such attributes as interests and geography. Advertisers like the programs because they can get real-time feedback on the effectiveness and engagement of their ads, which is often not the case with traditional media.

However, there is a catch: the monopoly service providers wield huge power, making negotiation of improved terms very challenging.

This round-table has been proposed by the procurement team at Xxxxxx, a large user of the monopoly service providers. Participants will explore any tips, tricks or insights that may help them, and others in a similar position, to negotiate and more effectively manage these relationships on an ongoing basis.

These were some of the questions and issues raised by participants for discussion at the session:

• Leveraging spend across multiple business units

• Lack of leverage and low negotiation power with these two digital giants

• What is ideal; global contracting versus local?

• Is it possible to think global but execute local?

• How we can gain training from Google & Facebook to keep us abreast of their technology changes (i.e. Facebook business manager)?

• As a higher and higher proportion of marketing spend is attributed to these channels, what can we expect/demand from these social channels in terms of accountability and better measurement?

• Understand best practice in regard to working with other 3rd parties (e.g. creative and media planning/buying agencies) versus working direct-to-client

To find out how you can access this kind of shared experience, insight and opportunity, please contact Nigel Wardropper at PASA at nigelw@pasa.net.au