What members are saying about PASA Connect

“Being a PASA Connect member has allowed our team to connect with the wider procurement family in ways where we haven’t been able to before. It allows me as a leader to encourage team members to attend where skills can be enhanced. Being able to download the sessions after the fact is a major plus, and our team encourage each other to watch certain sessions which have been beneficial. I am so happy that The Warehouse Group are part of this community, and we look forward to more in-person sessions within New Zealand now we have travel back to normal again”
Mary Heath, Chapter Lead – Non Trade Procurement
The Warehouse Group


“Always great to meet fellow procurement professionals to share ideas, experiences and situations to improve procurements performance, but also for personal development. I received some great insights and ideas from today’s session which I look forward to putting into action, and then meeting again to share our experiences.”
Walter DAvolio, Head of Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
Cochlear Limited


“To catch up  with your peers and discuss market trends and directions is invaluable to any procurement professional and I strongly recommend ongoing participation in this model of communication to all levels of the procurement profession.”
Ian Rudgley, Procurement Manager,
City of Sydney


“Networking and sharing with our peers is one of the most important things I think we can do as team leaders.  Allows us to challenge our own status quo and learn from others is super important.  I would do this 10 times over taking a meeting with a procurement services provider trying to pitch me.”  
Roger McNeill, Vice President Global Procurement
Incitec Pivot Ltd


“Lovely to meet you all yesterday. I really appreciate the chance to hear from my peers from across the city and building personal connections is invaluable. Thank you for having me along!”
Bronwyn Sloan, Head of Procurement, Group Procurement
Virgin Australia


“It’s not always easy to step out of the day-to-day, but this kind of connection, for me, is where the key value lies with the membership”.
Luke Fisher, Group Head of Procurement


I found todays sessions valuable because:

We chose to talk about “Hot Topics” that were relevant for us all;

I have come away with some great tips and free tools;

I have some alternate concepts to consider when addressing data integrity issues;

It’s good to know we aren’t the only company with the same issues;

Your knowledge and skills within this field were invaluable; &

I now have a network of expert analyst’s to call on if I need support
Carolynn Eccles, Procurement Advisor


“I have got more value out of yesterday’s session than any of the trainings and conferences I have been in the past.

Really enjoy the discussion we had on different topics, great synergy across the room”.
Vivian Wang, Procurement Category Manager Marketing
The Star Entertainment Group


“The discussion and advice from the experts was very beneficial and the whole session was very engaging and enjoyable.

It was great to hear what other participants were doing in their respective businesses’, and the ideas to overcome the common challengers we all face”.
Michael Roberts, Non Clinical Procurement Officer
Epworth HealthCare


“It was our first attendance at a PASA Connect event and we both greatly enjoyed the open format of discussion.  All attendees fed off each other’s enthusiasm and diverse experiences resulting in high quality and free flowing conversation.  Thank you PASA for creating this platform for discussion”.
Tony Di Stefano, Chief Operations Officer


“Having been a senior procurement professional for 20 years I am a strong supporter of PASA Connect.  I believe there is a real opportunity for  procurement people at all levels of skills and experience to learn from each other and this is a cost effective way to achieve a successful outcome for all.” 
Greg Heise, Head of IT Commercial Services,
Harvey Norman


“The PASA CONNECT Round Table is a great opportunity for practitioners in different environments but still working on similar things to share their experiences, exchange tips and consider future approaches to common problems.  The Round Table members have a wealth of diverse experience and this acts as touchstone to gaining new perspectives on current issues and reveals unexpected ideas and solutions.  It is a meeting of minds and an exchange of ideas that I would recommend to anyone seeking to gain a broader insight into ITC procurement”.
Jack Buchler, Assistant Director,
WoVG Technology Procurement Department of Premier and Cabinet