“It’s not always easy to step out of the day-to-day, but this kind of connection, for me, is where the key value lies with the membership “ 


PASA CONNECT: The modern way to develop your whole team


PASA Connect is the ideal off-the-shelf learning & development programme for everyone in your procurement team – it is highly relevant, locally driven, time efficient, professionally led and remarkable value for money: FIVE real business benefits.

In fact, PASA CONNECT offers a new way to learn for procurement practitioners.

It is a peer-driven collaborative learning approach, led by subject matter experts, which offers timely deep-dives on most core topics, key issues & indirect categories relevant to the modern procurement team.

With up to 100 PASA CONNECT expert led round-tables on offer each year, our unique programme is a great way to keep-up and clued-in by attending selected 90 minute learning sessions that are right for you, at the right time, and showcase best practices on all aspects of procurement today in Australia & New Zealand.

Best Practice to Go


In fact, PASA CONNECT Round-tables are a modern way to learn – quickly benchmarking comparative approaches to the same topics and similar challenges – especially useful for small or medium sized procurement teams without key specialists or local experts on hand to help out day to day.

The pandemic crisis has accelerated procurement innovation and best practice, so the 100 PASA CONNECT Round-tables on offer during 2021 are a great way to keep up.

Even better, our PASA Connect “Concierge” service allows you to broadcast a QUESTION at any time to all the other members and receive replies directly through the PASA office – a great way to acquire instant comparisons to your approach.

When you are working on relatively unfamiliar categories, it is easy to have questions – less easy to get quick answers. PASA CONNECT can fill this void – either through our timely Round-tables on each major indirect category or on every issue, topic or trend in procurement, or simply through asking our network though the CONCIERGE service.



“I got more value out of yesterday’s session than any of the trainings and conferences I have been to in the past “ 

The FIVE benefits of PASA Connect:

1. Peer led = Topical

PASA Connect organise Round-tables based upon their members’ needs. These are expressed through their direct feedback & nominated requests, through the CPO Roundtable inputs and through our annual surveys. You can be confident that every core topic, current trend, key issue or main indirect category will be addressed in our programme. Learning from peers is the best teaching you can get.

2. Expert facilitators = Informative and Correct

Since 2019, PASA CONNECT has ensured an ‘expert in every room’ to facilitate each PASA CONNECT Roundtable session. Expert facilitation gets the most out of the learning session for all participants, that everyone’s knowledge base is improved and that the information discussed is always correct and never confusing. PASA Connect Roundtables work on Chatham House Rules.

3. Covers all the core topics, key issues and indirect categories = Comprehensive 

PASA CONNECT run learning & development sessions on core topics, current trends, key issues and most indirect categories. A list of all the sessions run during 2020 and so far in 2021 is available here. These include examples such as …

a. Core topics – like negotiation, category management, eProcurement, spend analysis
b. Current trends – like the Quarterly Legal Updates, ESG agenda, social procurement
c. Key issues – like new legislation, coping with eCovid pandemic, WFH,
d. Indirect categories – like ITC, energy, print, contingent labour, fleet, medical & more
For small or medium sized procurement teams that are often indirect focussed or lack specialists, in-house support, analysts or on-hand advisors, PASA CONNECT can always deliver.

4. Online = easily accessible and time efficient learning 

All PASA CONNECT Roundtables are ONLINE for up to 90 minutes each session. Often using ZOOM but sometimes REMO (our virtual conferencing platform) which also offers easier online networking in the cloud. Our members save on travel time and costs and utilise their time in the most efficient way possible – booking high-quality training as if it were just another meeting in their diary. With up to 100 Roundtables each year, there is something for everyone, with sessions often available three times a week – just pick the ones right for you!

5. Includes your whole team, not just a select few = great value for money

PASA CONNECT allows everyone in your procurement team to participate in a relevant development programme to get the support they need to do an even better job. Not just the selected few, or the enthusiasts with a training brochure they found, nor those that need a course, nor only those who you can afford to train. Everyone gets a plate for the “all you can eat” PASA CONNECT buffet of up to 100 sessions each year to choose from; so they can direct their own development.

In short, PASA CONNECT fits how managers want to manage development today and how staff want to learn.

So why not join the other 60 organisations around ANZ that are already members – and compare notes with people facing the same challenges as you.


“Networking and sharing with our peers is one of the most important things I think we can do as team leaders “

All for one low annual fee

Membership for your whole team for 12 months can cost as little as $4500 + GST per annum for a team of 3, or just $9950 +GST per annum for up to 20 staff. And not much more for many more staff for larger teams. Places are even transferable when staff members leave or join.

So, why not spend a little of your training budget to meet the real-time needs of your whole team for a whole year … average attendance rates through the year mean individual L&D roundtable sessions can cost only $50 each – to learn BEST PRACTICE in real-time from both peers & experts.

Why not DOWNLOAD the free template business case – to help you work out the return on your investment here


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To find out more about how PASA CONNECT can help you please contact:

Jonathan Dutton at jonathan@pasa.net.au M: 0404 452 861

Amy Barton at amy@pasa.net.au M: 0491 741 141


“Always great to meet fellow procurement professionals to share ideas, experiences and situations to improve procurements performance, but also for personal development. I received some great insights and ideas from today’s session which I look forward to putting into action. “