The PASA Connect Adelaide Big Brekkie 

26th May 2022
Adelaide Oval- MG Suite One, overlooking the ground
7.00am to 11.30am 


The pandemic has in many ways fragmented our community – the procurement community too.
This PASA business breakfast event will hopefully play a small part in helping to bring back together the procurement community in

PASA Connect

At PASA, we were fortunate in March 2020 to be able to completely pivot to ONLINE for the many procurement round-tables we were already running online and LIVE throughout the country.

Both last year and this, PASA Connect offered over 80 expert led peer-to-peer round-tables on every topic relevant to busy procurement teams during a crisis – including weekly CPO round-tables during the start of the crisis.

PASA Connect brought us together, shared experiences on urgent questions and quickly captured key learning points from which we could all benefit immediately. This enables us to collate content second to none in its immediacy, its relevance and its pragmatism.

The online PASA Connect network is now available to procurement practitioners located in SA. The topics covered are entirely ‘national’ in nature and a feature of PASA Connect is the member-driven programme.  For more details contact at anytime or visit



Why attend?

  1. Get abreast of the key issues facing PROCUREMENT – both now and post-pandemic

  2. Tap into procurement thinking and experiences  – collect two recent PASA white-papers

  3. Learn about AGILE PROCUREMENT and its role in our future – and collect a compelling CASE STUDY

  4. Network with colleagues and peers from SA

Who will attend?

This programme is specifically targeted at procurement leaders, managers and professionals from across the Adelaide region.

Senior team members from leading SA organisations in both private and public sectors will attend, including leading not-for-profit organisations as well. Ordinarily, this includes procurement staff from ASX500 companies, leading state government departments and leading public agencies. Indeed, guest speakers are often recruited from the echelons of such organisations.

Roles represented at the event will include CPOs, heads of procurement, group procurement managers, national procurement managers, category managers, sourcing officers, procurement analysts, procurement specialists & analysts, procurement sustainability leads, contract managers, vendor relationship managers and procurement coordinators.

How to book

You can book and pay online for this event by clicking the button below  – tickets per person $45 plus GST, PASA Connect member $25 plus GST.  Please note that tickets are only available to procurement professionals on the “buy side” Alternatively, please contact the PASA Connect office to make your booking: E:  T: 0413 029 709

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