The PASA Connect Brisbane Big Brekkie – 9th August 2022, 7.00am to 11.30am, Hotel Grand Chancellor, Brisbane  


The pandemic has in many ways fragmented our community – the procurement community too.

This PASA business breakfast event will hopefully play a small part in helping to bring back together the procurement community in Brisbane.

PASA Connect

At PASA, we were fortunate in March 2020 to be able to completely pivot to ONLINE for the many procurement round-tables we were already running online and LIVE throughout the country.

Both last year and this, PASA Connect offered over 80 expert led peer-to-peer round-tables on every topic relevant to busy procurement teams during a crisis – including weekly CPO round-tables during the start of the crisis.

PASA Connect brought us together, shared experiences on urgent questions and quickly captured key learning points from which we could all benefit immediately. This enables us to collate content second to none in its immediacy, its relevance and its pragmatism.

The online PASA Connect network is now available to procurement practitioners located in SA. The topics covered are entirely ‘national’ in nature and a feature of PASA Connect is the member-driven programme.  For more details contact at anytime or visit

Why attend?

  1. Get abreast of the key issues facing PROCUREMENT – both now and post-pandemic

  2. Tap into procurement thinking and experiences  – collect two recent PASA white-papers

  3. Learn about AGILE PROCUREMENT and its role in our future – and collect a compelling CASE STUDY

  4. Network with colleagues and peers from Brisbane


The programme

From 7am Coffee, juice & networking
7.30am Hot breakfast served to table
8.00am Introduction and welcome

The 6 NEW Challenges facing procurement post-Covid in 2022 
How did procurement succeed so well at the outset of the pandemic last year? What is the benefit now?
How can procurement leverage this success and seize an opportunity from the crisis?
How will procurement’s role inevitably change post-pandemic? Maybe through addressing 6 new challenges …

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO – PASA
8.15am Rebalancing COST -v- RISK on inbound supply chains
Many faced supply shortages at the outset of the pandemic – more so in Australia perhaps, at the tip of the global supply chain?
And some buyers in Australia confessed to one-eyed purchasing decisions of the past unravelling quickly and threatening vital supply.
Today, many are re-evaluating offshore sourcing to re-balance risks -v- cost gains – especially from inbound supply chains.
and even reviewing their business continuity plans for the future …. But how to go about this, prioritise well and make these fine judgements ?
Kobus van der Wath, CEO,
Axis Group International
8.45am Procurement digital evolution – not TRANSFORMATION
Many procurement teams have been through a digital transformation process, some for the second or even third time.
But what are the issues that we seem to keep revisiting? Are we getting it right on digitalisation, or automating the same mistakes?
Perhaps digital groiwth not a continual journey rather than a one-time destination
Dave Andrews, Procurement LEAD – APAC, Microsoft
9.15am Coffee break & networking
9.50am Digitalisation:
How to deploy eProcurement capability to help manage your growing ESG requirements
Organisations today face rapidly increasing pressure from multiple stakeholders to make greater commitments and improved progress towards their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals.
The clearest path to do this is through intentionally aligning Business Spend Management strategy with ESG principles – and procurement professionals find themselves in a unique position to expand their scope of influence to the world of corporate social responsibility through their Spend Management Platforms, which can now enable their ESG objectives.
Learn how Coupa are utilising the power of procurement technology to fulfill ESG spend commitments and deliver greater social impact.
Debbie Kirkwood, Principal Value Solutions Lead, Coupa

Jeff Burgin, Senior Account Director for Queensland, Coupa

10.20am PEOPLE:
Future Capability of Procurement professionals post COVID-19 including Attracting, Training & Retaining talented peopleThe need for capability uplift of procurement professionals has never been greater than post-Covid-19.
With limited supply of new procurement people and the future capability changing, plus procurement resource demands growing,
what does this mean for future capability of procurement? Do we yet have the capability to match our ambition, never mind
fast growing corporate demands of the corporate C suite on the supply side …
Bree Pitcher
Procurement Manager Corporate and Industrial
Urban Utilities QLD
Mary Goodwin, Partner, One People
Accessing the body of knowledge through templates
There is no such thing as a well resourced procurement team – certainly not in Brisbane anyway:
So, can can we work smarter and quicker, without taking risky short-cuts?
Maybe by taking advantge of templates and checklists to work both faster and smarter? Utilising the lever of developing procurement calabilty
people, PROCESS and technology
Learn how and download your free samples from the links shared in this session …


Dylan Odgers,
Lead Consultant
Prometheia & Jody Rowe Advisory
Crafting your procurement L&D plan for post-Covid needs
Given the urgent needs of the pandemic, and the opportunity ot offers procurement, a question presents:
Do we have the capability to match our ambition?
For many firms scrambling to survive the pandemic crisis, staff training will seem an indulgent luxury. But for procurement people there has never been a more important time to invest in building capability …


Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO – PASA
11.20am Close and Summary
11.30am Event ends


Who will attend?

This programme is specifically targeted at procurement leaders, managers and professionals from across the Brisbane region.

Senior team members from leading Queensland organisations in both private and public sectors will attend, including leading not-for-profit organisations as well. Ordinarily, this includes procurement staff from ASX500 companies, leading state government departments and leading public agencies. Indeed, guest speakers are often recruited from the echelons of such organisations.

Roles represented at the event will include CPOs, heads of procurement, group procurement managers, national procurement managers, category managers, sourcing officers, procurement analysts, procurement specialists & analysts, procurement sustainability leads, contract managers, vendor relationship managers and procurement coordinators.

How to book

You can book and pay online for this event by clicking the button below  – tickets per person $45 plus GST, PASA Connect member $25 plus GST.  Please note that tickets are only available to procurement professionals on the “buy side” Alternatively, please contact the PASA Connect office to make your booking: E:  T: 0413 029 709

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