The PASA Connect Auckland Big Brekkie – 15th September 2020, 7.00am to 11.30am, Rydges Auckland

The pandemic has in many ways fragmented our community – the procurement community too. This PASA business breakfast event will hopefully play a small part in helping to bring back together the procurement community in Auckland – and will be the first PASA event in New Zealand for over three long years! And we at PASA are delighted to be back again …


At PASA, we were fortunate during Covid to be able to completely pivot to online for the many procurement PASA Connect  Round-tables we were already running online and live throughout the country. To date we have run over 250 online one-hour Round tables for our 65 organisational members, including a good number of New Zealand based organisations, and even with some dedicated Kiwi-content.

PASA Connect brought us together, shared experiences on urgent questions and quickly captured key learning points from which we could all benefit immediately. This enables us to collate content for a member driven network that is second to none in its immediacy, its relevance and its pragmatism – including for New Zealand. For more details contact at anytime or visit

Why attend this event?

This event will deliver a topical content stream directly relevant to the Top Six challenges facing procurement in New Zealand this year and next, and is introduced by PASA CEO, Jonathan Dutton.

Three of the leading figures in the NZ Procurement profession will offer guiding contributions at this event –

  • Laurence Pidcock (GM of MBIE) on future NZ Government procurement policy,

  • Stuart Bird (CPO at Watercare & agile experts) with an agile procurement case study,

  • Andrea Gregory (CPO at Frucor Suntory and formerly CPO at Air NZ, Fonterra, Spark & TV.NZ) on how to manage your first 100 days as a procurement leader

The three previous PASA Connect BIG BREKKY’s each SOLD OUT in Adelaide, Perth & Brisbane and each proved a welcome and enthusiastic return to LIVE events for everyone who came. As one person attending in Perth said, “PASA delivered an entire one-day conference by 11am

Get together with your colleagues and peers in Auckland after the pandemic and get up to speed on best practice at this event for only $45 – or $25 for PASA Connect members

See you there!

The programme

From 7am Coffee, juice & networking
7.30am Hot breakfast served to table
8.00am Introduction and welcome

The 6 NEW Challenges facing procurement post-Covid in 2022 
How did procurement succeed so well at the outset of the pandemic last year? What is the benefit now?
How can procurement leverage this success and seize an opportunity from the crisis?
How will procurement’s role inevitably change post-pandemic? Maybe through addressing 6 new challenges …

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO – PASA
8.15am Leadership

The future of procurement in New Zealand
Much has changed in the context surrounding how the procurement profession in New Zealand is expected to deliver after Covid, across both the public and private sectors.  Now, to some degree, procurement needs a reset to re-align with changing stakeholder needs. MBIE have been leading the NZ public sector future-procurement project and can share both the strategy and progress so far ….

Laurence Pidock FCIPS
GM, NZ Govt Procurement
MBIE – Wellington
8.45am Followed by Q&A session with Laurence Pidock
9.10am Digitalisation 

Procurement digital evolution – not TRANSFORMATION

Many procurement teams have been through a digital transformation process, some for the second or even third time.
But what are the issues that we seem to keep revisiting? Are we getting it right on digitalisation, or automating the same mistakes?
Perhaps digital growth not a continual journey rather than a one-time destination?

Fiona Nissen FCIPS
ArcBlue Consulting (part of Bain & Co.)
9.30am Coffee break and Networking
10.00am  Digitalisation

How to deploy eProcurement capability to help manage your growing ESG requirements

Organisations today face rapidly increasing pressure from multiple stakeholders to make greater commitments and improved progress towards their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals.
The clearest path to do this is through intentionally aligning Business Spend Management strategy with ESG principles – and procurement professionals find themselves in a unique position to expand their scope of influence to the world of corporate social responsibility through their Spend Management Platforms, which can now enable their ESG objectives.
Learn how Coupa are utilising the power of procurement technology to fulfill ESG spend commitments and deliver greater social impact.

Mark Rabjohns – Principal Value Solutions Consultant – Coupa Software

Dave Jenkins – Account Executive – Australia & New Zealand – Coupa Software

10.25am Agile Procurement

The role and practice of AGILE in procurement’s future? 

The fusing of the agile business philosophy with procurement process holds real promise of faster and more responsive outcomes for Procurement. Watercare NZ is one of the first organisations in the region to embrace agile and apply it successfully to procurement – to the point now that stakeholders regard the AGILE PROCURMENT approach as BAU, and a standard tool to be sued when right. Learn the basic tenants of ‘lean agile procurement’ and how it can help address some long-standing criticisms of procurement work
Stuart Bird
Head of Supply Chain
Watercare NZ
10.50am  Leadership

 Your first 100 days as the new CPO 

So, as the new CPO, how do you determine your priorities against so many competing demands? What is first, what can wait? And how can you listen and figure out what really needs doing, against the pressure to deliver within the first 100 days? Listen to someone who knows after completing senior leadership positions at TV NZ, Air NZ, Fonterra, Spark and, now, Frucor Suntory … and work out what lessons you can apply to your own leadership role.
Includes Q&A …

Andrea Gregory
Head of Procurement
Frucor Suntory
11.15am Talent Development

Crafting your procurement L&D plan for post-Covid needs

Given the urgent needs of the pandemic, and the opportunity it offers procurement, a question presents:
Do we have the capability to match our ambition? For many firms scrambling to survive the pandemic crisis, staff training will seem an indulgent luxury. But for procurement people there has never been a more important time to invest in building capability …

 Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, CEO – PASA
11.25am Close & Summary


Who will attend?

This programme is specifically targeted at procurement leaders, managers and professionals from across the Aucklandregion.

Senior team members from leading Auckland organisations in both private and public sectors will attend, including leading not-for-profit organisations as well. Ordinarily, this includes procurement staff from ASX500 companies, leading state government departments and leading public agencies. Indeed, guest speakers are often recruited from the echelons of such organisations.

Roles represented at the event will include CPOs, heads of procurement, group procurement managers, national procurement managers, category managers, sourcing officers, procurement analysts, procurement specialists & analysts, procurement sustainability leads, contract managers, vendor relationship managers and procurement coordinators.

How to book

You can book and pay online for this event by clicking the button below  – tickets per person $45 plus GST, PASA Connect member $25 plus GST.  Please note that tickets are only available to procurement professionals on the “buy side” Alternatively, please contact the PASA Connect office to make your booking: E:  T: 0413 029 709

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