Virtual Round-tables Etiquette Guide

PASA conducts its virtual round-tables using ‘’ , providing HD video and quality sound in a browser-based application that usually means you don’t have to download any apps or extensions. does not work in older browsers, such as Internet Explorer. Please see separate doc on how to use
Effectively, the PASA Connect virtual roundtables are a real-time video-conference for up to 12 devices (sometimes colleagues share a device) and works interactively just like a real meeting; The normal rules of meeting etiquette are just as valid, with some extra ones for video technology, such as ….
Test your system

If you have not used prior to the round-table, please contact PASA to do a trial run. It takes less than a minute to check that your connection, sound and picture are good. It is very annoying for all participants when people come on at the last minute and then have issues with sound or vision, that could have been sorted in advance.

Show up

If you commit to attend, please do … login in promptly … and add your NAME into the open field on your picture

Or at least send valid apologies in good time for the meeting please … but it is okay to set your own time limits when you join


Come prepared to contribute to the discussion

Or with clear questions you wants answers to

Stay tuned in

Turn your CAMERA ON – you wouldn’t sit in a meeting hidden behind a curtain, please don’t blank your screen when attending a virtual round-table

Keep your MIC on too, unless background noise in your office is distracting others – headphones (with Mic’s) are fine if you prefer

Present professionally

The key to a good picture is to get closer to your camera than might feel totally comfortable & light yourself/office well – so others can see you

Dress appropriately, business casual is fine – ‘jarmies’ are not : eating whilst in picture is a real distraction for others too

Avoid distractions

Obviously becoming pre-occupied with other things whilst online is distracting for others

Stay on TOPIC – although digressions are always okay …

Manage your contributions

Most ONLINE roundtables are recorded – careful what you say, please

And CHATHAM HOUSE RULES apply – you can quote what was said, just not WHO said it


Most roundtables are noted, and minutes are available to participants or other PASA Connect members through the RESOURCE CENTRE online

If you commit to actions, please follow though – as per the minutes and/or your agreements

Thank you in advance for observing these rules. We hope you find the session valuable.


The PASA Connect Team